Isolated phase busbars

Končar Steel Structures Inc. has 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of isolated phase busbars, with rated current of up to 16,000 A and insulation level of 24 kV, but also of segregated and non-segregated three-phase isolated busbars, with rated current of up to 6,000 A.
The busbars are designed in conformity with the CEI recommendations (publication 298) and the ANSI (C37-23) standards.
Each busbar is individually calculated and verified using the experience from numerous laboratory-type tests to be able to define the characteristics that are best suited for client's requirements.
Temperature rising test is carried out on busbars with rated current from 2,000 up to 16,000 A.
The bus is prefabricated in the factory in fully assembled sections.

Isolated phase busbars

Bending of isolated phase busbars

Welding of isolated phase busbars

Isolated phase busbars - Packing


Transport of isolated phase busbars